The Verreaux Collective formed around a collection of enterprising musicians at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music. This diverse group of conservatory students runs the gamut of musical specializations: from piano to oboe and everything in between. A common love of chamber music and a fascination with the structures that underlie this most passionate of classical music genres brought us together and bound this eclectic group of musicians with one goal: to bring the best chamber music possible to the greater Houston area while teaching ourselves and other curious students at Shepherd what it takes to launch and sustain a successful chamber music organization.

Andrew White

Executive Director

Julia Simpson

Artistic Coordinator

Sebastian Stefanovic

Artistic Director

Lauren Ross

Director of Public Relations

David Danjul



Verreaux Artists

Bree Ahern

Angela Bae

Stephen Barton

Spencer Bay

Soojin Chung

Timothy Crouch

Dana Cullen

Wesley Ducote

Michael Ferri

Dorothy Gal

Timothy Crouch

Dana Cullen

Wesley Ducote

Michael Ferri

Dorothy Gal

Lukas Goodlan

Russell Houston

Seolyeong Jeong

Michael Lenahan

Caitlin Mehrtens

Connor Monday

David Olson

Xu Peng

Dominic Rotella

Jacob Schaefer

Alexandra Smither

Sebastian Stefanovic

Anya Wilkening

Verreaux Collective


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